Cake Decorating Ideas for Beginners

Easy cake decorating ideas for beginners may be one of the most popular requests that get answered from blog readers recently, a.k.a., YOU! have long listened to you through your blog and made tons of simple yet delicious cakes for yourself and loved ones. Now, you want to share them with the world, so you’ve decided to ask for some help. And you want to learn how you can start right away!

Cake Decorating Ideas for Beginners

Some of the first easy-to-make cakes that you may want to try are chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. These cookie cakes are simple to make, but they are scrumptious, and the best part about them is that they can also be used as elegant dessert as well as a quick and easy snack. There are many other types of cookies, such as double chocolate chip or tasty oatmeal chocolate chip. There are also cookies that are better suited for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and holidays, or just for fun. Check out the web’s famous candy gum paste recipes to see how versatile these cakes can really be!

Did you know that you can make edible arrangements for any type of occasion? This can be applied to seasonal decorations and just desserts that you are craving for. For example, if you are craving fresh strawberries for an upcoming party, then why not try making strawberry shortcake? The shortcake is easy to bake and to decorate. The flavor combinations that can be included in strawberry shortcake are endless. You can use fresh strawberries, fresh flowers, fresh herbs, fresh fruit juices, nuts, raisins and more to create this tasty treat.

If you need some extra decoration ideas, then why not check out the variety of colorful, edible flowers that can also be added to your cakes and cupcakes. One of the most popular choices for flower-decorating is frosting flowers. You can create designs using sprinkles or fondant. Sprinkle or fondant flowers work extremely well as a base for other decorations. You can choose to use just sprinkles or lots of them, depending on your tastes. When creating frosting flower patterns, it’s best to alternate light frosting shades with bold, darker ones.

Cakes that have edible gold or silver ornaments are among the most popular cake decorating ideas for beginners. These ornaments are very easy to make. All you need are gold sprinkles or fondant, some frosting chips and a bit of food coloring. This is definitely a good way to go if you want something that is not only visually appealing but also easy to put on and take off.

Chocolate is an edible decoration that everyone loves, especially when it’s decorated in a special way. When you are learning how to decorate a cake, try adding chocolate to your basic frosting recipe. You can use brown chocolate, dark chocolate or unsweetened chocolate. You can also make a chocolate fondue by mixing in melted chocolate. Another great idea is to decorate your plain chocolate cake with chocolate bars. These work best dipped in melted chocolate and then decorated using fondant or other types of chocolate.

If you are looking for some excellent cake decoration ideas for beginners, then nothing beats turning your basic, plain vanilla frosting into a tropical, lacy appearance using coconut. To do this, simply melt some unsweetened coconut oil and mix it with cooled, fresh coconut meat. Once you have done that, pour the mixture into your mixer, and let it cool. Next, once your coconut mixture is completely cooled, you can pipe it onto your cake as smooth as possible. The resulting beauty will be absolutely charming, and you can use the finished product as an excellent ‘Thank you’ gift to your loved ones on special occasions.

If you’re looking for yet effective cake decorating ideas for beginners, you might want to consider decorating a fruit cake. A fruit cake is always a good idea because they look attractive and elegant. To make fruit cake, you must first beat all the ingredients using your electric beaters until they reach their maximum volume. Then you can add them to the mixing bowl and start on beating them, until they are fully blended. Do not forget to fill your cupcake tin with the beaters, so that the fruit mixture will hold its shape.